Bitcoin interest by state and territory (USA)

Where is bitcoin the most popular in the U.S.? Which states like bitcoin the most?

I’ve seen posts that break down bitcoin interest based on ATM usage, but I thought we could do better. I just spent way too much of my Thursday evening mining Facebook data to find out. Here’s what I did:

I pulled a list of all the U.S. states and territories by population. Then, I charted them based on the percentage of their population that showed interest in bitcoin on Facebook. It’s not a perfect method, but damn if it isn’t illuminating. I thought California would lead the way. Washington, D.C., just crushes it. There’s not even a close second:

Of course, D.C. isn’t a state. There’s no rural population to tamp down the bitcoin-inclined urbanites. Interest in bitcoin in Nevada makes sense. Not only is it the gambling capital of the U.S. (and online bitcoin gambling is popular), it’s also got some of the most progressive bitcoin/cryptocurrency laws in the country. I’m still puzzling over the fact that Florida beats out New York and California, though, with Georgia coming in a very close sixth. I’d love to hear your theories below.

All told, 3.6 million Americans have shown interest in bitcoin on Facebook (about 1.12% of the country’s population). Do you live in a state with higher or lower interest in bitcoin?

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